I just created a Forsaken Warlock on a PvP server, just to see how annoying is going to be to get ganked and corpse camped. I’m planning to record what happens here. At the moment he is lvl 7 running around Tirisfal.

One thing I have noticed is that I’m not actually flagged for PvP, while I was assuming everybody would be from the start. Will see if this changes and when.

My Rogue is in Outland now, progressing ok, still unguilded though. I had a couple of random requests to join some unknown guild but I’m not that interested at the moment, even if probably would be a lot easier to run instances.

Used 50 AV marks to get the Frostwolf Howler and last night I managed to collect enough tokens to get the PvP ring from Thrallmar, but I’m undecided on the gem to put on it. I’ll keep doing the daily PvP quest for the Rep and the +16AP red gem, which will always be useful anyway.