Got fed up of the warlock at level 9, deleted. I reserved a few names on another PvP server but haven’t actually played with any of those characters yet. Not sure I will either.

My rogue has been accepted on trial in a raiding community, run Gruul and Kara once each and managed to upgrade half of my equipment, the new stuff includes T4 gloves as well. Now I’m left with boots belt bracers and cloack to upgrade, plus rings and trinkets. I forgot to complete my first quest for the Violet eye so no ring from them yet. Boots should be sorted in a few weeks when I’ll get to 60 badges.
I still have 6 or 7 runs in Black Morass to become exalted with the Keepers of Time, I’m starting to get fed up of running that instance and not seeing the Hourglass drop.

I’m still raiding with a 17.0.44 spec, and during the run in Kara I was on 650 dps, which isn’t bad I think for being in blues with only 2 pieces of D3 set but I have the feeling that I will have to respec soon. I’m not really interested in speccing Combat, and with the 2.4 patch notes out now, mutilate seems a bit more viable, but haven’t decided yet. But that would mean getting new daggers…

Class leader seems ok with me running ShS for now, but if it is going to be down to choosing between spec and raiding , I think I’ll choose raiding. We cleared Kara in just under three hours (obviously not thanks to me), no wipes and I died only once on Prince when I had a lag spike and couldn’t do anything about the enfeeblement debuff. All in all I had a blast and I’m grateful to the community for allowing me to see new content. Now I want more!

Gruul is scheduled again for tomorrow night so will see if I get picked and what happens.