Well, it’s been a while since I have been here, it’s about time for an update.

First of all <sadface>: my favorite blogger, THE storyteller of MMO drama is MIA, and it has been for a long time, I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms now. If you don’t know him, go and read his archives, they will keep you entertained and amused for a long time.

Raiding: a bit of a sore point here… 4/5 MH and 3/9 BT, Kael still not down, I have never had the pleasure of seeing Vashj and the community has only downed her once or twice, also RM just plainly refuses to even go and look at Archimonde. On the one hand I’m happy to be able to see places like MH and BT (MH is starting to get boring with all the trash) but I regret not having the chance to get to spend more time doing T5 instances, mainly for one reason. As a rogue my only job in raids is dps, but I’m not able to contribute as much as I would like due to my gear limitations, despite SSO badge gear.

Now I understand the the raiders that have been there for quite some time are tired of running SSC and TK all the time but as a new arrival I will not even have a shot at T6 gloves for at least 6 months due to the amount of DKP I have compared to the other 4 rogues, 5 druids and 5 mages.

Sooooo i’m considering downgrading o.O! The thing is that at the moment I am guildless; a couple of months ago the small guild I was in lost the GM and the best three players to a raiding guild, there wasn’t really anything left there for me so I /gquit, thinking that since the community has a common chat channel it would be a bit like being in a guild… how mistaken I was! The chat is reduced to a minimum even outside raids, requests for help or attempts to put a Heroic run anywhere or a premade for fun go largely unnoticed, and by consequence I’m left feeling that I do not belong! It’s an uneasy situation and I’m not liking it at all, so I’ve started having a look to see which guilds have a three days week raiding schedule (because I cannot and don’t want to raid more than that) and are at the progression level that is right for me (ie. half way through SSC and TK).

To get out of this situation at least some of the time, I set up a new goal for me, I want the meanest looking tabard in WoW: The Battle Tabard of the Defilers

The idea did come to me when I dinged Honored with the Defilers. After a quick calculation, to get the 33000 Rep to get to exalted will require me to acquire 660k resources which at an average of 1k per game would only put me back 660 games or roundabout 330 hours; obviously I’m not counting AB weekends (10 rep per 150 resources instead of 200) and the fact that it looks to me that horde wins slightly more ABs than alliance, so it might take me a bit less than that. You can check my progress in the dedicated page.