Way to go RL!

This is what greets the raider that signs up for the next BT raid, and my question is why?

Why are we pushing in BT while we leave behind Vashj and Kael? Why we are we having a MJ farming night, a TK  or SSC farming  night  and a half assed attempt to progression? And all of this in a week? I really don’t know.

From what I have seen and read, Kael and Vashj are the two fights that require more coordination and a good awareness of what is going on around you, not just enough DPS or enough healing or whatever. Compared to Kael, MH is a joke (excluding Archimonde which I have never even seen) and the first two bosses in BT are just annoying.

Despite being given a chance to see T6 instances, I’m starting to regret that attunements have been removed. Yes, Kael and Vashj were raid breakers but at least you could separate the committed raiders from the loot driven people and those raiders that just come along for the ride (no pun intended).

Yes I am a noob at this raiding game, I don’t really understand all the politics behind managing and leading a raid but I would be prouder to say I was there for a Kael kill than to say we are 4/5 and 3/9.

Am I wrong? Is there anyone out there that agrees?