Here are just a few tips for rogues, following these will help you and your raid:

Keep Slice and Dice up all the time, white damage is at least 55% of your total damage (and more depending on spec).

Don’t die: dead rogue equals 0 dps.

Stuff that appear on the ground under your feet is bad, be aware of what happens and move out quickly.

In the Morogrim fight, time Blade Flurry so that you don’t use it when the wave of murlocks is next to you.

During TK trash, a well placed Blind can neutralise a whirlwind.

In phase one of the Al’ar fight melee are on the adds; when the little birds are on 10-20% depending how much dps your raid has, get all melee to move away, use Kidney Shot to keep the add in place and keep dps up, use Cloak of Shadow to avoid the blast from the exploding add. This obviously works if you have at least 2 rogues in the raid, the CD on CoS is too long for one rogue to do it on his own.

During the Najentus fight in BT, use Cloak of Shadow just before the bubble burst, that will be 8k health your healers don’t have to worry about.

Don’t die, surviving a fight is more important than the damage meters and if you die you will surely NOT be at the top.