This is a first article of in what I hope to make a pemanent feature of the blog; from time to time I want to highlight addons that can make life easier to players. As my main is a rogue I will most probably concentrate on addons for the class but not necessarily all the time.

So, the first addon I’m going to talk about is Hemlock.

I really can’t remember how many times I got wrong the quantities of one reagent or another or oicked the wrong vial when I had to do the buying manually. Since I started using Hemlock restocking poisons has become as painless as two mouse clicks.

Once you have installed the addon by placing the extracted folder in the correct path (WOW\Interface\AddOns) you will not see anything different in your UI until you’ll visit the poison vendor for the first time.

As you can see from the screenshot Hemlock adds small tabs to the right of the vendor window, one for each type of poison plus one for Flash Powder. Every tab has two numbers, the top one is the amount of that poson you currently have in your inventory, while the bottom number is the amount you want to have when you restock. The first time you visit the vendor this number will be 0, and you can change it by right clicking on the tab and moving the slider as in picture two.

I usually carry a stack of each poison, that’s why the bottom number of each tab is 20.
With a first click on the correspondig tab, Hemlock buys autimatically enough reagents to align the top number to the bottom one. With a second click on the same tab, it start creating the poison.

With regards to flash powder, this is even easier because Hemlock automatically buys enough of it when you open the vendor window.

Another good thing is that the addon keeps track of reagents you already have in your inventory and doesn’t start from scratch for every poison so you will not find yourself with more than 4 spare vials (this happens because you can only buy vials as multiples of 5) or if you have reagents from lockboxes Hemlock uses those before buying new ones.

In Wrath this addon will be redundant since it looks like we will be able to buy the poisons straight for the vendors but in the meantime, I couldn’t really do without it.