Matt started it with this post, asking for 12 Reasons why your class is the best lover. Here is the evidence that Rogues are the best:

  1. We don’t just fall asleep straight after (Quick Recovery)
  2. We have staying power (Vigor and Endurance)
  3. We can find the “right spot” for any partner (Find Weakness)
  4. We are very good with our hands (Dual Wield Spec and Sleight of Hands)
  5. We know all the Dirty Tricks
  6. We are aware that Preparation and Setup are fundamental
  7. We have an uncanny predisposition to undress our partner (Expose Armor)
  8. Have some kind of “problem” in the bedroom? No worries, we can provide solutions with our knowledge of poisons and herbs
  9. We are ready at every Opportunity
  10. We have an instant protection against deseases (Cloak of Shadow)
  11. We often take the Initiative
  12. And last in the list but certainly not in importance… Rogues do it from behind 😉