I am still around, mainly reading other blogs and trying to decide what to do with my rogue because a couple of weeks ago I left my guild, and now I find myself re-evaluating my goals in WoW.

Some kind of explanation (wall of text crits you for over 9000)
Mainly as an exercise in reinforcing the fact that I have done the right thing (because there are times when I log and I sit there staring at the screen with no raids planned, no green text in my chat and I feel a bit lost).

The guild had already undergone a reduction in numbers just before Christmas, where our raid leader, two officer and few others left due to a mix of personal reason and conflict with the remaining officers all in the space of a few days, and we kept losing one player here, one player there over the course of the following weeks.
This situation, compounded by non-existent recruitment, set the guild raiding plans back since we were unable to consistently field two 10-men raids, never mind a decent 25 men.

Things started to pick up again with new people joining, a few rerolling, and by the beginning of March we cleared all the heroic content plus Sarth+1D, and we were working on getting the Twilight Duo achievement.

First issue:  being a relatively new guild, we had a poll on raiders availability and the officers picked the raiding days with the most people available, trying to make sure most of us was able to sign up for at least two raids out of three (the guild doesn’t have any minimum attendance required) with fixed days for set instances. Once we cleared content and started working on Sarth 2D, the “Dragons night” was moved from its usual day to another one because the officer who usually posts the raid cannot attend the original chosen night (and he really needs to be present!), even if that was the day for the two 10 men run because fewer people were usually available.

Second issue (and how could this one be missing!): It all started at our first Sapphiron kill in 25 men, when the Raid leader and officers said they would like to overrule our set way of loot distribution for the quest item for the Malygos key on that kill and the subsequent one. At the end of the day i thought it made sense to give the first couple to people (read: raid leaders) who are more or less always available; at least we know we can attempt Maly regularly. The problem was that for the next five kills, the quest item was assigned by the loot master to specific raiders without any explanation.

At the same time I have seen riders pressurised (bullied is too strong a word) in passing on substantial upgrades to benefit…… oh, the same people again.

Three weeks ago on our calendar appeared a new note: on the night of our ten men runs, one of the two teams will be the one attempting the undying achievement and who’s going? …. oh, the same people again.

I have to deal with enough conflict at work where I have to make things work no matter what, so I took the easy way out.  Without noise or fits or accusations I said goodbye  and left.