NugEnergy: is simply a movable bar showing my energy. The interesting thing is that I can put markers in the bar at different values to make it easier to see when I have enough energy for a certain ability.

NeedToKnow: I think I have tried all the timers add-ons and I finally settled on this to track my abilities (Slice and Dice, Rupture and Hunger for Blood). Very easy to configure: right click on a bar, choose between a few options and you are ready to go.

EasyPoisons: automatic Poisons buyer. Needs to be setup once at the beginning with the quantity for each poison and from then onwards every time you visit a poison vendor it automatically restock them.

evlReminders: Rule-based automated reminders for commonly forgotten tasks. It basically puts my normal weapons icons in the middle of my screen when I have 5 minutes left on my poisons, and it shades them red when my poisons have expired.

Stunwatch: It is buggy and not working as it should 100% of the times but it still is the best addon I could find to track rogues stuns across multiple targets without being too bloated (NECB, I’m looking in your direction).