Vault of Archavon has become a lot less fun to PuG.

Emalon, the new boss, is a  step up in difficulty from Archavon, the encounter require more focus and awareness due to the Lightning Nova (even if is no different from Loken in Hall of Lightning) and high dps in order to kill the charged add before he wipes the raid.

By their intrinsic nature, VoA raids are composed by all manners of people, from veteran raiders to people in quest greens and M&S (as a certain goblin calls them), and with the exception of the first category, they are incapable of delivering what is needed, so most of the PuGs I have been in go for Archavon first and then have a few attempts at Emalon, or like the last one I was in, had 1 attempt at Emalon before moving to Archavon.

The issue is that I don’t want to get saved to a PuG raid by killing Archavon and then being unable to go back and have a serious attempt at the new boss, since I don’t need badges (especially the Heroism ones), don’t need any of the gear Archavon drops while I’d like to have a shot at a few tier 8 pieces and the Furious Gladiator ones.

At this point, I have to refuse to join any Archavon kill until the last possible minute before reset, in the hope of getting in a PuG with enough decent people to kill Emalon, and I’m sure this situation will change the dynamics in VoA PuGs once more people will be in the same frame of mind.