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Yesterday I listed 5 useful addons for Rogues, today I’m dedicating this post to NeedToKnow (from now on I’ll refer to it as NTK).

When you first install it and log into the game you’ll see three gray bars in the top-right quadrant of your screen.

To get to the options for the addon, go to the Interface options of the main menu and clicking on the AddOns tab you’ll see the NTK name in the list to the left of the options window

In the window you can choose how many groups of bars you want active and how many bars each group has. NTK allows you to have 4 groups of bars with a maximum of 6 bars for each group.
You can also choose between different textures for the bars. I don’t use SharedMedia but if I remember correctly it should work with NTK.

The configuration is done by right clicking on the bar and selecting the options from the dropdown menu.

In order to assign a bar to an ability you need to select “Choose buff/debuff to time”; once done that, a dialog window will open where you’ll have to enter the buff/debuff name, exactly as it in its tooltip. Click Accept and the bar will show the buff name. Once you’ve done this you just need to specify whether it’s a buff or a debuff

and which unit the addon needs to monitor.

Depending on what you want to monitor you might want to selct whether it is only an ability you cast (as a rogue I do this for Rupture) or if you want to keep an eye on an ability that is not yours (for example I could track Faerie Fire on a mob, which could be cast by any druid in my party/raid).

It is possible to modify the lenght and the thickness of the bars in a group by dragging the bottom right corner and change the colour of each bar by clicking on the colored square in the menu.

Once all the configuration is done you need to lock the addon for it to start working.

Here is my set up in combat:

I really like NTK for the easy configuration, customization and flexibility and as an added bonus for the small memory footprint (75k on my machine).
Also, it is not specifically coded with one class in mind so everybody could use it.


NugEnergy: is simply a movable bar showing my energy. The interesting thing is that I can put markers in the bar at different values to make it easier to see when I have enough energy for a certain ability.

NeedToKnow: I think I have tried all the timers add-ons and I finally settled on this to track my abilities (Slice and Dice, Rupture and Hunger for Blood). Very easy to configure: right click on a bar, choose between a few options and you are ready to go.

EasyPoisons: automatic Poisons buyer. Needs to be setup once at the beginning with the quantity for each poison and from then onwards every time you visit a poison vendor it automatically restock them.

evlReminders: Rule-based automated reminders for commonly forgotten tasks. It basically puts my normal weapons icons in the middle of my screen when I have 5 minutes left on my poisons, and it shades them red when my poisons have expired.

Stunwatch: It is buggy and not working as it should 100% of the times but it still is the best addon I could find to track rogues stuns across multiple targets without being too bloated (NECB, I’m looking in your direction).

This is a first article of in what I hope to make a pemanent feature of the blog; from time to time I want to highlight addons that can make life easier to players. As my main is a rogue I will most probably concentrate on addons for the class but not necessarily all the time.

So, the first addon I’m going to talk about is Hemlock.

I really can’t remember how many times I got wrong the quantities of one reagent or another or oicked the wrong vial when I had to do the buying manually. Since I started using Hemlock restocking poisons has become as painless as two mouse clicks.

Once you have installed the addon by placing the extracted folder in the correct path (WOW\Interface\AddOns) you will not see anything different in your UI until you’ll visit the poison vendor for the first time.

As you can see from the screenshot Hemlock adds small tabs to the right of the vendor window, one for each type of poison plus one for Flash Powder. Every tab has two numbers, the top one is the amount of that poson you currently have in your inventory, while the bottom number is the amount you want to have when you restock. The first time you visit the vendor this number will be 0, and you can change it by right clicking on the tab and moving the slider as in picture two.

I usually carry a stack of each poison, that’s why the bottom number of each tab is 20.
With a first click on the correspondig tab, Hemlock buys autimatically enough reagents to align the top number to the bottom one. With a second click on the same tab, it start creating the poison.

With regards to flash powder, this is even easier because Hemlock automatically buys enough of it when you open the vendor window.

Another good thing is that the addon keeps track of reagents you already have in your inventory and doesn’t start from scratch for every poison so you will not find yourself with more than 4 spare vials (this happens because you can only buy vials as multiples of 5) or if you have reagents from lockboxes Hemlock uses those before buying new ones.

In Wrath this addon will be redundant since it looks like we will be able to buy the poisons straight for the vendors but in the meantime, I couldn’t really do without it.