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Yesterday I finally achived one of my long term goals, I am exalted with the Defilers and at the second AB the horde managed to control all 5 bases and I got my Tabard, which I still think is the coolest one around.
In my path to exalted I also managed to get all the achivements related to AB. It’s just a shame that Blizzard didn’t introduce a title like The Defiler.
So goodbye AB and, in a few weeks, hello Warsong Gulch, last grind for the Conqueror title.


I restarted grinding AB for the tabard. I hate DKs death gripping a stunned Ally off me, while I sit on them, damn!

On my realm I can buy Crystallized Air at just above 1G and sell Eternal Air for 25G… especially if I keep one of my Crystallized Air on AH at slightly higher price.

Haven’t started the Arthas book I won, but will review it as soon as I’m done.

This is cool in terms of the reliability and security of the technology, not cool for some of the ways it could be used.

There are websites that, althought with an interesting content, I hate visiting due to the horrible layout and the sheer volume of banners and advertising. I tended to avoid these in the past and lose interesting articles and discussions but fortunately there is a solution now thanks to a company called arc90 and a small tool/bookmarklet called Readability.

All you need to do to set it up is visit the main Readability page, select your settings and drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar.

While browsing normally, if you come across an “irritating” website, just click on the Readability button in your toolbar and you will get the main text on that page formatted as you chose at the beginning.

World and BG PvP movies are not really interesting but the editing can change that.

Weird shit the Equus serie on Warcraft Movies, but I like it, especially the first one, check it out here.

Another Rogue movie worth watching isĀ The Six Silent Shadows by Bizzlesnaf (hefty dowload at almost 1 Gb but worth it in my opinion).

What about you? What are your favorite WoW movies?

Last March Gary Gygax passed away, today we say another sad goodbye to Dave Arneson.
Thank you guys for the many memories of nights spent with friends your game gave me.

Lots of WoW bloggers are picking up the 31DBBB from ProBlogger; I am too but in a lighter way, I mean I’ll look at each day task but I reserve the right to decide what I’ll use and what I’ll leave aside.

The first task, which is write an elevator pitch for your blog will be done at the end of the 31 days; I haven’t worked on this for a long time so I’m going to see where my writing is going before deciding on the elevator pitch.

Akrios from roguerogue has been publishing over the years a series of PvP videos under the Eviscerate title and chapter 9 has just been released. I believe the whole series to be very interesting but Eviscerate 9 is one of the best Rogue PvP videos I have ever seen in terms of fights, editing and music choice.

It’s quite a hefty download at 350Mb but well worth it, even just to watch the last duels against the blog co-author, Nition.

Thanks to Anna from Too many Annas for discovering Wordle.

Here are just a few tips for rogues, following these will help you and your raid:

Keep Slice and Dice up all the time, white damage is at least 55% of your total damage (and more depending on spec).

Don’t die: dead rogue equals 0 dps.

Stuff that appear on the ground under your feet is bad, be aware of what happens and move out quickly.

In the Morogrim fight, time Blade Flurry so that you don’t use it when the wave of murlocks is next to you.

During TK trash, a well placed Blind can neutralise a whirlwind.

In phase one of the Al’ar fight melee are on the adds; when the little birds are on 10-20% depending how much dps your raid has, get all melee to move away, use Kidney Shot to keep the add in place and keep dps up, use Cloak of Shadow to avoid the blast from the exploding add. This obviously works if you have at least 2 rogues in the raid, the CD on CoS is too long for one rogue to do it on his own.

During the Najentus fight in BT, use Cloak of Shadow just before the bubble burst, that will be 8k health your healers don’t have to worry about.

Don’t die, surviving a fight is more important than the damage meters and if you die you will surely NOT be at the top.