Here are just a few tips for rogues, following these will help you and your raid:

Keep Slice and Dice up all the time, white damage is at least 55% of your total damage (and more depending on spec).

Don’t die: dead rogue equals 0 dps.

Stuff that appear on the ground under your feet is bad, be aware of what happens and move out quickly.

In the Morogrim fight, time Blade Flurry so that you don’t use it when the wave of murlocks is next to you.

During TK trash, a well placed Blind can neutralise a whirlwind.

In phase one of the Al’ar fight melee are on the adds; when the little birds are on 10-20% depending how much dps your raid has, get all melee to move away, use Kidney Shot to keep the add in place and keep dps up, use Cloak of Shadow to avoid the blast from the exploding add. This obviously works if you have at least 2 rogues in the raid, the CD on CoS is too long for one rogue to do it on his own.

During the Najentus fight in BT, use Cloak of Shadow just before the bubble burst, that will be 8k health your healers don’t have to worry about.

Don’t die, surviving a fight is more important than the damage meters and if you die you will surely NOT be at the top.


Way to go RL!

This is what greets the raider that signs up for the next BT raid, and my question is why?

Why are we pushing in BT while we leave behind Vashj and Kael? Why we are we having a MJ farming night, a TK  or SSC farming  night  and a half assed attempt to progression? And all of this in a week? I really don’t know.

From what I have seen and read, Kael and Vashj are the two fights that require more coordination and a good awareness of what is going on around you, not just enough DPS or enough healing or whatever. Compared to Kael, MH is a joke (excluding Archimonde which I have never even seen) and the first two bosses in BT are just annoying.

Despite being given a chance to see T6 instances, I’m starting to regret that attunements have been removed. Yes, Kael and Vashj were raid breakers but at least you could separate the committed raiders from the loot driven people and those raiders that just come along for the ride (no pun intended).

Yes I am a noob at this raiding game, I don’t really understand all the politics behind managing and leading a raid but I would be prouder to say I was there for a Kael kill than to say we are 4/5 and 3/9.

Am I wrong? Is there anyone out there that agrees?

Some time ago, after a couple of weeks of frustration trying to find the “right unit frames addon” for me I wondered on twitter why I’m never satisfied by any Unit Frames addon. Matt kindly replied with “High standards? =D”.

That made me actually sit down and think about what I want from a unit frames addon and in general from my UI and I don’t believe that high standards are at the root of my frustration.

Ok, let’s start from the idea that I more or less follow the Unix principle, ie small programs (addons) that do only one thing but do it properly and cleanly, that don’t require hours spent in the lua code to configure and that would still allow me to have an aesthetically pleasing UI. Also, for no other reason that I get a warm feeling inside, I want my addons to use as little memory as possible.

Sitting down and thinking about what information I actually need while I play both in raids and Battlegrounds, I came up with this list:

My Health and the target’s health.
My power and the energy ticks
Debuffs on target: Poison stacks, Rupture.
Enemy Castbar
Duration of stuns (Sap, Cheap SHot, Kidney Shot, Gouge, Blind)
Combo Points
Duration of Slice and Dice and a few other abilities like Find Weakness when I’m Mutilate specced
Cooldowns (Blade Flurry, Adrenaline Rush, Vanish, trinkets)
Debuffs on me
My threat
Temporary Weapon enchants

The second thing I did was trying to figure out which areas of the monitor I look at by default, and basically there are two: a central square around the character and the right bottom side of the monitor, probably because the cursor usually sits there when I don’t use the mouse, and it’s most natural movement for me is from that corner to the centre and back.

Armed with this information I collected the addons that would cover the list above:

XPerl for the Unit Frames
TickTock for Energy ticks
Debuff Filter
OmniCC and DoomCooldownPulse
Bollo (to allow me to move buffs and debuffs independently)

To these I added the defacto raiding addons: oRA2, BigWigs and BunchofBars, useful addons such as Align, AMP, BaudBag, BaudGear, ChatStamp, Dominos, Doublewide, OPie, PhanxChat, Jumiminimap, pMap, Hemlock, oPen, WeaponRebuff, SCT, RedRange, and a few purely esthetical like ButtonFacade, NeonChat and Shared Media.

The screenshot shows the first outing of this UI. It is still very much a work in progress, especially the unit frames and in the second part I’m planning to talka bit more about them.

While I still struggle with my planned UI post which sparked from Matt‘s reply to one of my twits, I have decided to adopt Anna’s new name for the forthcoming expansion Rash of the Itch King, and like all rashes, to be avoided as much as possible.

Well, it’s been a while since I have been here, it’s about time for an update.

First of all <sadface>: my favorite blogger, THE storyteller of MMO drama is MIA, and it has been for a long time, I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms now. If you don’t know him, go and read his archives, they will keep you entertained and amused for a long time.

Raiding: a bit of a sore point here… 4/5 MH and 3/9 BT, Kael still not down, I have never had the pleasure of seeing Vashj and the community has only downed her once or twice, also RM just plainly refuses to even go and look at Archimonde. On the one hand I’m happy to be able to see places like MH and BT (MH is starting to get boring with all the trash) but I regret not having the chance to get to spend more time doing T5 instances, mainly for one reason. As a rogue my only job in raids is dps, but I’m not able to contribute as much as I would like due to my gear limitations, despite SSO badge gear.

Now I understand the the raiders that have been there for quite some time are tired of running SSC and TK all the time but as a new arrival I will not even have a shot at T6 gloves for at least 6 months due to the amount of DKP I have compared to the other 4 rogues, 5 druids and 5 mages.

Sooooo i’m considering downgrading o.O! The thing is that at the moment I am guildless; a couple of months ago the small guild I was in lost the GM and the best three players to a raiding guild, there wasn’t really anything left there for me so I /gquit, thinking that since the community has a common chat channel it would be a bit like being in a guild… how mistaken I was! The chat is reduced to a minimum even outside raids, requests for help or attempts to put a Heroic run anywhere or a premade for fun go largely unnoticed, and by consequence I’m left feeling that I do not belong! It’s an uneasy situation and I’m not liking it at all, so I’ve started having a look to see which guilds have a three days week raiding schedule (because I cannot and don’t want to raid more than that) and are at the progression level that is right for me (ie. half way through SSC and TK).

To get out of this situation at least some of the time, I set up a new goal for me, I want the meanest looking tabard in WoW: The Battle Tabard of the Defilers

The idea did come to me when I dinged Honored with the Defilers. After a quick calculation, to get the 33000 Rep to get to exalted will require me to acquire 660k resources which at an average of 1k per game would only put me back 660 games or roundabout 330 hours; obviously I’m not counting AB weekends (10 rep per 150 resources instead of 200) and the fact that it looks to me that horde wins slightly more ABs than alliance, so it might take me a bit less than that. You can check my progress in the dedicated page.

not mine but might get a few ideas from it

Got fed up of the warlock at level 9, deleted. I reserved a few names on another PvP server but haven’t actually played with any of those characters yet. Not sure I will either.

My rogue has been accepted on trial in a raiding community, run Gruul and Kara once each and managed to upgrade half of my equipment, the new stuff includes T4 gloves as well. Now I’m left with boots belt bracers and cloack to upgrade, plus rings and trinkets. I forgot to complete my first quest for the Violet eye so no ring from them yet. Boots should be sorted in a few weeks when I’ll get to 60 badges.
I still have 6 or 7 runs in Black Morass to become exalted with the Keepers of Time, I’m starting to get fed up of running that instance and not seeing the Hourglass drop.

I’m still raiding with a 17.0.44 spec, and during the run in Kara I was on 650 dps, which isn’t bad I think for being in blues with only 2 pieces of D3 set but I have the feeling that I will have to respec soon. I’m not really interested in speccing Combat, and with the 2.4 patch notes out now, mutilate seems a bit more viable, but haven’t decided yet. But that would mean getting new daggers…

Class leader seems ok with me running ShS for now, but if it is going to be down to choosing between spec and raiding , I think I’ll choose raiding. We cleared Kara in just under three hours (obviously not thanks to me), no wipes and I died only once on Prince when I had a lag spike and couldn’t do anything about the enfeeblement debuff. All in all I had a blast and I’m grateful to the community for allowing me to see new content. Now I want more!

Gruul is scheduled again for tomorrow night so will see if I get picked and what happens.

I just created a Forsaken Warlock on a PvP server, just to see how annoying is going to be to get ganked and corpse camped. I’m planning to record what happens here. At the moment he is lvl 7 running around Tirisfal.

One thing I have noticed is that I’m not actually flagged for PvP, while I was assuming everybody would be from the start. Will see if this changes and when.

My Rogue is in Outland now, progressing ok, still unguilded though. I had a couple of random requests to join some unknown guild but I’m not that interested at the moment, even if probably would be a lot easier to run instances.

Used 50 AV marks to get the Frostwolf Howler and last night I managed to collect enough tokens to get the PvP ring from Thrallmar, but I’m undecided on the gem to put on it. I’ll keep doing the daily PvP quest for the Rep and the +16AP red gem, which will always be useful anyway.